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Filipino Community

Talavera Case Management     808-536-7100
1188 Bishop St # 1508, Honolulu
Filipino Community | Foster Care

United Health Care     808-544-8801
841 Bishop St., Ste 725, Honolulu
Filipino Community | Health Care

United Health Care Medicare & Retirement     808-782-2377
841 Bishop St Suite#725, Honolulu
Filipino Community

Universal Mortgage Company     
94-229 Waipahu Depot Rd., #409, Waipahu
Filipino Community

University of Hawaii     808-783-2838
2740 Kuilei St., #2203, Honolulu
Filipino Community

Waikiki Exports     415-314-3671
215 N. King St. #910, Honolulu
Filipino Community

West Oahu dental Court LLC     808-630-0067
1001 Kamokila Blvd., #157, Kapolei
Filipino Community