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Residential Care

Sterling Assisted Living Inc     907-336-6873
2620 Curlew Cir, Anchorage
Residential Care

Stone Brook Inn Care Crdntng     907-262-1581
Residential Care

Sue's Sourdough Assisted Lvng     907-345-1854
11931 Hilltop Dr, Anchorage
Residential Care

Sunrise Manor     907-746-7230
PO Box 2513, Palmer
Residential Care

Sunrise Mountain Assisted     907-262-6346
PO Box 882, Sterling
Residential Care

Sunset Haven ALH     907-230-1065
4210 Galactica Dr, Anchorage
Health Care Assisted Living | Health Care Home Service | Residential Care

Taylored Cozy Care Asstd Lvng     907-720-8077
6441 Coach Cir, Anchorage
Residential Care

The Manor LLC     907-247-8748
250 Heckman, Ketchikan
Health Care Assisted Living | Residential Care

Tranquility Manor     907-745-2012
Residential Care

Tranquility Manor LLC     907-746-4220
1205 N Tranquility Ln, Palmer
Residential Care

True Love Alh     907-929-7240
Residential Care

True Love Assisted Living Home     907-929-7290
8340 Northwood St, Anchorage
Residential Care

True Vine ALHLLC     907-222-1959
1301 Summit View St, Anchorage
Residential Care

Tundra Center     907-543-3414
680 Ridgecrest, Bethel
Community Service | Residential Care Homes | Substance Abuse Centers

Two Sisters Assisted Living     907-376-2273
Residential Care

Unalakleet Elders Program     907-624-3443
PO Box 8, Unalakleet
Residential Care

Upper Tanana Aging Program     907-883-5157
PO Box 459, Tok
Residential Care

Valley Senior Ctr     907-789-9508
9059 Atlin Dr, Juneau
Residential Care

Wasilla Area Seniors Inc     907-376-3104
1301 S Century Cir, Wasilla
Residential Care

Way Home Inc     808-883-9988
68-3720 Lua Hoana Pl, Waikoloa
Residential Care

Wickersham House     907-357-8342
3950 E Wickersham Way, Wasilla
Residential Care

Willow Haven Senior Housing     907-495-5222
Hc 89 Box 57, Willow
Residential Care

Womens Shelter     907-443-5444
PO Box 1596, Nome
Residential Care